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White Multi

Patented Hybrid Technology - Maximum Translucency in the Incisal + Higher Strength in the Body and Cervical


What is White Multi™ Zirconia?

White Multi™ is an unshaded, multi-layered zirconia disc beginning with the foundational strength of 1,300 MPa in the cervical and ultimately transitioning to the highly aesthetic and  translucent occlusal surface with 803 MPa. To further enhance the aesthetics, the incisal gray hue has been infused in the occlusal layers at the top of the disc. This unique blend of zirconia offers strength at the margins to prevent chipping and ultra-high translucency at the incisal.

Experience the Ultimate Blend of

Beauty & Strength

Multiple Layers with One Simple Dip

Beauty in the Incisal

More Cubic Structure

Less Chroma

Maximum Translucency

Built-in Grayish Incisal Effect

Strength in the Margin

More Tetragonal Structure

Prevents Chipping & Cracking

Masking Effect For Abutment Tooth

Presents Opaque Dentin Look

Patented & Patent Pending

803 MPa

50.17% Translucency

1300 MPa

47.5% Translucency

• Automatic transition effect from just one dip in the color liquid

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4 Built-in Features in 1 Disc

1. Gradient Chroma


As the composition of the disc transitions from maximum strength at the cervical to maximum translucency at the occlusal, the absorption of the coloring liquid diminishes; thereby automatically creating a lifelike gradation effect of Chroma.

2. Higher Translucency


More of the cubic structure zirconia in the top layers produces a highly translucent incisal edge.

3. Blueish/Grayish Effect


The infused incisal blue/gray colorant is concentrated more in the upper layers of the disc which provides an enhanced translucent effect. Moreover, this subtle grayish hue reduces the white L* value of zirconia, thus harmonizing the zirconia restoration with the adjacent teeth.

4. Strength Where You Want It


The stronger 1300 MPa material at the margins significantly reduces chips and cracks and even allows for knife edge margins while the 803 MPa material in the occlusal area requires less grinding should an adjustment be necessary.

Multi Translucency

• Area E (incisal edge) of the White Multi™ disc has the highest translucency with more cubic structure than any other areas

• Decreasing amount of Yttria for next lower areas replicate opaque dentin

Uncolored (Sintered)

Dipped in color liquid (Sintered)

Hybrid L Value of White Multi

• Lower L value (bluish gray) is needed in the incisal area to replicate enamel structure

• Higher L value (opaque white) is needed in the body and cervical area to replicate opaque dentin

Dentist Prep Style:

Minimal prep

Moderate prep

Deep–Standard prep