The Uniquely Universal Zirconia – Truly The Next Generation


  Strongest Anterior (>1100 MPa)

  Most Translucent Posterior (>47%)

  Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades


B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of

beauty and strength.


Easier Contact and Occlusal Adjustment than Conventional Zirconia


We’ve heard your demands for a more aesthetic zirconia based restorative choice. B&D Dental presents a new breed of zirconia - ORIGIN® Beyond. A zirconia with such clarity that stump shades matter.


Once you’ve placed Beyond™, you’ll never view zirconia the same way again.

Strong, Cost-effective, & Provides A Beautiful, Natural Aesthetic


• Highest translucency (46.5% total light translucency at 600 nano-meter wavelength, 1mm thick) among 9 active brands.

• Proprietary manufacturing process guarantees no distortion regardless of framework size.

• No distortion regardless of framework size

• Premium quality with far less chipping than other brands

• Excellent aesthetics and 100% biocompatibility

ORIGIN LIVE Plus Dental Zirconia
ORIGIN LIVE Plus Dental Zirconia

Widest Material Choices & Application Material

ORIGIN NobleTITAN Dental Titanium ORIGIN NobleTITAN Dental Titanium

ORIGIN NobleTITAN Titanium

ORIGIN Implant Abutments

ORIGIN Cobalt-Chromium

White Multi ™

Hybrid Technology

Maximum Translucency in the Incisal +

Higher Strength & Chroma in the Body and Cervical

Beauty in the Incisal

More Cubic Structure

Less Chroma

Maximum Translucency

Built-in Grayish Incisal Effect

Strength in the Margin

More Tetragonal Structure

Prevents Chipping & Cracking

Masking Effect For Abutment Tooth

Presents Opaque Dentin Look

Patented & Patent Pending

803 MPa

50.17% Translucency

1300 MPa

47.5% Translucency

• Automatic transition effect from just one dip in the color liquid

Zirconia Coloring System with custom liquid for enhanced incisal effect.

Most Versatile & Cost Efficient Production

• Mill ALL major materials with 5 micron Industrial Precision:

º Zirconia

º Metal: Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome

º Ceramic Blocks: Ivoclar e.Max, Vita TriLuxe, 3M Paradigm

º Wax, PMMA, Temporary

º Custom Implant Abutment Zirconia/Titanium

•  Lowest production cost in the industry

•  Fast zirconia sintering for singles & bridges up to 3 units