Custom Dental Implant Abutments
Custom Dental Implant Abutments

Powered By hyperDENTThe Haas OM2A uses new and improved strategies that will provide your laboratory with the specialized capability of milling one piece custom abutments, implant bars and bridges.


The Haas OM2A is extremely robust, accurate and can process all types of dental CAD/CAM materials. This machine is suitable for all labs including production labs.


Custom Implant Abutment


• Custom designed abutments using the ORIGIN IntelligenceHD Scanner

• Compatible with Major Implant Systems

Custom Dental Implant Abutments

Standard Features

TravelsTool ChangerGeneralTableSpindleFeedratesAxis MotorsS.A.E.S.A.E.S.A.E.S.A.E.S.A.E.S.A.E.S.A.E.MetricMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricMetricX AxisTypeAir RequiredLengthMax RatingRapids on XMax Thrust XZ AxisMax Tool Diameter (full)T-Slot WidthMax TorqueRapids on ZMax Thrust ZSpindle Nose to Table (~ min)Tool-to-Tool (avg)Max Weight on TableTaperCoolingY AxisCapacityCoolant CapacityWidthMax SpeedRapids on YMax Thrust YSpindle Nose to Table (~ max)Max Tool WeightT-Slot Center DistanceDrive SystemMax CuttingBearing Lubrication12 "Carousel1 scfm, 40-70 psi20  "5 hp757 in/min1149 lb12 "2.3 "0.438  "8 ft-lb @ 3000  rpm757 in/min1149 lb3.25 "3.2 sec150 lbISO/20Air and coolant recirculation10 "2013 gal10  "30000 rpm757 in/min1149 lb15.25 "5 lb3.375 "Direct Speed Belt Drive500 in/minAir/Oil Injection305 mmCarousel28 L/min, 2.8-4.8 bar508 mm3.7 kW9.2 m/min5111 N305 mm58 mm11.13 mm10.8 Nm @ 3000 rpm9.2 m/min5111 N82.6 mm3.2 sec68 kgISO/20Air and coolant recirculation254 mm2049 L254 mm30000 rpm9.2 m/min5111 N387.4 mm2.3 kg85.73 mmDirect Speed Belt Drive12.7 m/minAir/Oil Injection• Haas-Built, 30,000-rpm ISO 20-Taper Spindle

• 5 hp Vector Drive

• 20-Pocket Electronic Tool Changer

• Full Enclosure, Ultra-Compact Footprint

• 15" Color LCD Monitor w/ USB Port

• 1 MB Program Memory

• LED Beacon Light

• Coolant System

• High-Speed Machining w/Look-Ahead

• User-Friendly Haas Control


Best of Class Components


Each stand-alone ORIGIN component (Scanner, Milling Machine, Sintering Furnace, Milling Materials, and Software) is among the best in its field. Each component has a proven track record of performance and dependability, allowing you to trust that your system will provide the exacting results that you demand.


The Art of Dental Engineering

Powered By hyperDENT

We Deliver Solutions


Powered By hyperDENTPrecision...One of the few machines in the world that gives the micron precision that you demand.Value...Price that you can afford while meeting all your needs.


See what sets the Haas, powered by hyperDENT, apart from all others


The moment you decide to implement the Haas OM2A you become part of world-class solutions: Hass-hyperDENT. The ORIGIN CAM Plus™ powered by hyperDENT® uses the best optimized and efficient milling template with full 5 axis simultaneous movement. After all, the CAM software strategy and templates are the brain that decides the quality of the final result.


Combined with 2.5 micron repeatable accuracy of Haas, you will be impressed with the fit and precision of your restorations.


There are many businesses that embrace the world-class hyperDENT software, but the proprietary milling strategy GENI™ is what really sets it apart for dependable and accurate performance.

Precision & Value

We deliver a whole system, not just a machine

Join the new leader for in-house custom implant abutment, bar and bridge milling

Powered By hyperDENTWe Deliver SolutionsORIGIN CAM Plus+The Haas integrated mill unit is more than a machine, it’s a solution


The Haas OM2A machine provides the ideal starting point for an integrated implant abutment, bar and bridge solution – but that’s just the beginning. Origin drives the Haas mill with the world-leading CAM software hyperDENT. There are numerous CAM software packages in the market but when it comes to producing the “real” solutions that are measurable for precision of 1-5 microns, as is required for the custom implant abutment, bars and bridges, the best choice is hyperDENT. HyperDENT software provides an industry leading 99.9% accuracy of toolpath validation.


Now, what REALLY SETS THE HAAS OM2A, powered by hyperDENT, APART FROM OTHERS IS THE PROPRIETARY MILLING STRATEGY GENI™ TEMPLATE that our R&D team of CAD CAM  experts finished developing using 15 plus years of experience in the field. The individual hardware and software components of milling units can be combined somewhat easily but the strategy GENI™ is what makes the Haas OM2A and hyperDENT come to life by providing executable and verifiable milling strategies (the template) for custom implant abutments, titanium implant bars and bridges. The value of this integration of technology and know how is the driving factor of why bars cost $800 - $1,000 when outsourced.


The combined efficiency and capability of Haas national support and B&D national support will provide you with piece of mind in maintaining your machine for continuous high performance.


An additional added value with the Haas OM2A is that you will enjoy member pricing for applicable dental restorative material that we produce. This member discounted price applies to items such as the ORIGIN LIVE zirconia system; Non-shaded disc, Mono-shaded disc, and Multi-shaded disc. It will also be applicable to next generation material such nano-hybrid glass ceramic discs that are currently in development for single crown, veneer, and full arch implant cases.


All of these features and benefits are put together in order to provide your laboratory a platform to not only get involved with implant milling but to help your business thrive in doing so.

Custom Dental Implant Abutments

Feature Details



Max Speed 30,000 rpm

Max Power Rating (3.75 Kw)

Max Torque 7 ft. lbs @ 3,000 rpm

Max. shank cap0a.c3i7ty5” (10mm)*

Lubrication Air/Oil (.02cc/hr.)

Max. Tool DiamNe/tAer 2.3” (58.4mm)

Max. Tool WeiNgh/At 5 lbs - static

20 Special Tools for Complex Geometry


Zirconia bur: 5 EA

Metal bur: 12 EA

Ceramic: 3 EA

Touch Probe


Custom made part from Renishaw

0.001mm accuracy

5 Block holder


Block holder was made with 5 micron accuracy for quick and accurate changing

ISO Tool Holders


G2.5 40,000 rpm (@40,000 rpm 2.5 gram runout.)

Machine Accuracy


Positioning ±0.0002" (±0.0051 mm)

Repeatability ±0.0001" (±0.0025 mm)

The Haas CNC Control


The command center of your Haas machine.Years of development have gone into designing the best control hardware and software in the industry. Our new generation VMCs pack even more innovation into what was already the industry’s greatest overall CNC control.


To ensure smooth, precise motion control, Haas VMCs use next-generation digital servomotors and high-resolution encoders on advancements. These yield better surface-finish performance than ever before.


Main Features


• Optimized Haas System - Does not rely on 3rd party software for control

• Dedicated Keypad

• Multi-Function Jog Handle

• 15” Color LCD Screen

• USB Port

• Memory Lock Keyswitch - Lock memory to prevent program editing by unauthorized personnel.


Spindle Head Thermal Stability Enhancements


An independent jacket in our head casing surrounds the spindle. Coolant circulates through this jacket to remove heat generated by the spindle, which minimizes thermal distortion of the head, eliminating Y- Z- axis changes. Because the coolant touches all parts of the machining area, it accurately reflects the overall temperature of the machine.


To improve thermal stability further, we’ve insulated the head and increased the air flow through the spindle-head assembly. Cool air enters from the rear of the machine, flows around the spindle and exits at the top, away from the spindle head.


Every Spindle is made in the Haas Facility


All the parts for the spindle are made at the California Haas factory. If you are ever in need of a spindle or other part, your local dealer will have the ability to provide what is necessary.

Spindle Comparison

Haas OM2A

3.7 Kw

2.5 Kw

1 Kw

0.24 Kw

0.2 Kw


ORIGIN 400/500


Zirconzahn M1 Wet Heavy




Motor Power


Machine Weight



Electric Motor Belt Drive


3.7 Kw

Air oil injection cooling

753 kg (1,660 lbs)



High Frequency Spindle


2.5 Kw

Water Chiller

300 kg (661 lbs)






M1 Wet Heavy

High Frequency Spindle

High Frequency Spindle

Not available




1 Kw

0.24 kw

0.2 kw*

Dry air cooling

Dry air cooling

Dry air cooling

220 kg (480 lbs)

45 kg (99 lbs)

105 kg (231 lbs)

* (source) EN-Brochure-CADCAM-OP-web.pdf (page 51)









Nesting with

Powered By hyperDENT

We Deliver Solutions


Implant Bars

Currently Available Bar Platforms


• Zimmer

• Nobel Biocare Select, Active

• Straumann

• Biomet 3i

• Branemark

• Astra


We are vigorously developing more designs and will keep you updated as each new platform is released.

Special order may be available based on demand


Machine Accuracy


Positioning ±0.0002" (±0.0051 mm, 5 micron)

Repeatability ±0.0001" (±0.0025 mm, 2.5 micron)

Custom Implant Abutments

Currently Available Bar Platforms


• Zimmer

• Nobel Biocare Select, Active, Branemark

• Biomet 3i

• Astra

• Straumann Bone Level


Currently in Development


• BioHorizons

• Camlog


Special order may be available based on demand

Nano Coated Zirconia Burs / Metal Bur

• Over 5000 minutes with Nano Coated Bur

• As small as 0.3mm for implant abutment part

• Special coating for titanium and chromium cobalt

• High definition full contour zirconia occlusal encasement tool available

Haas Legendary Service Support : One-Call Service


• 24-hour / 7-day service

• Fully stocked service vans

• Inside technical support and coordination

• Factory-certified service technicians

• Toll-free technical support

• Preventive maintenance programs

• Applications skill training

• On-shelf replacement parts availability


Every State has a Haas service facility

Machine Service

OM2A Mill



7. Final Results

6. Member pricing for materials

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1. CAM Software

We Deliver Solutions


2. GENI™ Template

5. ORIGIN support

B&D Dental Technologies
B&D Dental Technologies

4. Haas OM2A

3. Toolpath Validation