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ORIGIN Milling System Components




Axis Motors

Spindle Power

Spindle Speed

200 x 100 x 70mm

60 x 62 x 70cm

(24 x 24.5 x 27.5in)

Logosol CNC

AC Servo

1.3 KW - 2.5 KW*

60,000 RPM

Number of Blocks

Tool Changer

Air Requirements


Packing Dimensions

Power Requirements


12 Holders

100 PSI @ 14 CFM - 7 CFM*

120 KG (265 lbs)

75 x 75 x 90cm

(29.6 x 29.6 x 35.5in)

220 V | 60 Hz

2 kW / 9 A

Introducing new compact electrical component design for easy part identification and diagnostics

Clear cable labeling for easy recognition

Uses high resolution servo motors

Manufactured using exceptionally high flex rate motor encoder cable. Desina cable is the most trusted in CNC industry.

1.3kW – 2.5kW* 60,000 RPM IMT©

*External spindle chiller allows this IMT© spindle to produce at 2.5 kW for use in milling metals like CoCr and Titanium high volume production. This upgrade uses liquid to cool the spindle, significantly reducing the CFM requirement and also extends service life.

New Unibody Framework design increases milling accuracy,

reduces vibration and eliminates leaks.

Y axis

The Y axis linear bearing rails bolting directly into the single piece Unibody Framework provides greater milling accuracy.

All bearings are the same size and rating as ORIGN 400-500/5500 mills

Newly upgraded A & B axis SPINEA  Drive gears are more robust while smaller than previous models

Best of Class Components

Each stand-alone ORIGIN component (Scanner, Milling Machine, Sintering Furnace, Milling Materials, and Software) is among the best in its field. Each component has a proven track record of performance and dependability, allowing you to trust that your system will provide the exacting results that you demand.

  • Q: What can be milled with the Proteus 5x?

    A: 98 mm diameter discs of


    • Zirconia
    • PMMA
    • CoCr
    • Titanium
    • Lithium disilicate blocks
    • (e.g. 12.4 W x 14.5 L x 18.0 H IPS e.max CAD™)
  • Q: What types of restorations may be milled with the Proteus 5x?

    A: Copings, High Definition Occlusal Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Bridges, the Proteus Bridge (full contour screw retained bridges with gingival), Screw-retained Crowns (Hybrid), One-piece custom abutments from pre-milled titanium blanks.


    It does not mill bars or abutments from a disc (those may be milled with the Origin Haas HD solution).

  • Q: What are the milling times for the typical parts?

    A: The following table provides a range of average milling times. Actual time is determined by the thickness of the disc & the number of units milled simultaneously.


    • Zirconia copings: 10 – 20 min
    • Zirconia full contour: 10 – 25 min
    • PMMA copings: 7 – 12 min
    • PMMA full contour: 10 – 15 min
    • Custom abutments: 20 min
    • Metal copings & full contour:
    • 10 – 20 min
    • e.max™ copings: 18 – 25 min
    • e.max™ full contour: 22 – 30 min
  • Q: What tools are used & how long do they last?

    A: Tool life per bur ranges from 200 minutes to 5000 minutes depending on the milled material & tool construction.


    • Zirconia tools are Carbide or Diamond-coated (for longer life).
      • The Carbide tools for zirconia & PMMA come in 0.3 mm, 0.6mm, 1mm & 2mm
      • The Diamond-coated for zirconia & PMMA are available in 0.6mm, 1mm & 2mm


    • Metal tools are carbide & available in 1mm & 2mm & 2.5mm *


    • Ceramic tools are diamond-coated & available in 1mm & 2mm *


    * Smaller tools are available upon request for both metal & ceramic milling

  • Q: What is the production accuracy?

    A: 0.01mm / 10 microns or less in all directions

  • Q: What CAD systems are compatible?

    A: The Origin Intelligence scanner with Exocad or other open scanners that produce .stl formatted files.

  • Q: Is the CAM included?

    A: Yes. The B&D Dental CAM 5.0 is included. There is an option to upgrade to CAM + for e.max™ milling.

  • Q: What is the spindle chiller?

    A: The spindle chiller cools the spindle with coolant instead of air which significantly extends the life of the spindle and the tools. The spindle chiller increases the spindle power to 2.5 kW. It is an optional add-on.

  • Q: Is there an option for disc changer?

    A: Not at this time. There is a 4 axis version which has two disc holders.

  • Q: What is involved in switching between wet & dry milling?

    A: Thorough cleaning takes 25 – 40 minutes. To go from wet to dry, lift the top cover and rinse the sides so that all of the metal shavings go down the drain. Using compressed air, blow the remaining water to the drain and towel dry. The transition from dry to wet takes a little longer since zirconia powder is pervasive. Use a toothbrush between the tool holders and using a combination of vacuum and compressed air remove all zirconia power while taking care to control the zirconia dust. Some surfaces with residual zirconia dust may be wiped down with a damp cloth.


    While it is ideal to dedicate the mill to either dry or wet milling to eliminate the transitional cleaning, critical components are not adversely affected any more with the introduction of wet milling than the normal wear from dry zirconia milling.

  • Q: What warranty is included?

    A: 12 month manufacturer’s warranty for all covered parts and labor with direct support provided by B&D Dental.