Chicago, 2020

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LAB DAY 2020 Speakers Included: Vince Tauro CDT MDT, Rafael Saucedo, & Richard Green BS

Advanced Zirconia Techniques: Blocking Out Underlying Color & Presinter Enhancement of Preshaded Zirconia

Vince Tauro discusses the techniques to achieve block out of underlying colors while maintaining translucency in zirconia and how to apply these skills to both white and pre-shaded materials. He also covers methods for enhancing the incisal and gingival third on bridges made from pre-shaded zirconia.


Speaker: Vincent Tauro CDT MDT

Training Manager at Ottawa Dental Lab

Effects Liquids: Beautiful Crowns Made Easier

Rafael Saucedo shares secrets on achieving highly esthetic crowns through pre-sinter coloring, simplified skills to create crowns with lifelike incisal enhancement, and tools and techniques to differentiate your lab.


Speaker: Rafael Saucedo

CAD/CAM & Fixed Manager at JSB Dental Lab

Simple, Inexpensive Methods to Differentiate Your Lab from Everyone Else

With modern technology, almost every lab in the world is in competition with you. Richard Green covers a few simple methods you can master to differentiate your lab and work from everyone else.


Speaker: Rich Green BS

Technical Sales Consultant at B&D Dental Technologies

Unlock the Mysteries of Zirconia: Facts vs. Fiction

Some aspects of zirconia are often still a mystery for both technicians and clinicians. Rich Green cracks the code regarding zirconia and decrypts manufacturers’ classifications across the industry. He covers stabilization, structure and how to select the best zirconia for each restoration.


Speaker: Rich Green BS

Technical Sales Consultant at B&D Dental Technologies

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